Seasons Change

by WillV

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My first EP, the sum of 2 years of learning to be a better musician, sound engineer, and writer. The songs on it represent what it means to stay the same despite changing tides.


released April 20, 2013

Dedicated to all my friends and family who've been around in good times and bad. Special thanks to Chad Gauntlett, John Vidal, and Alejandro Castrillon for production/writing collaboration.



all rights reserved


WillV Miami, Florida

William Vidal played saxophone in his high school band, then double bass for the orchestra, learned the guitar on his own time. Over the years he picked up singing and electric bass along the way to releasing his 2013 EP Seasons Change, the majority of which was tracked and produced in his bedroom as he learned about sound engineering. ... more

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Track Name: Somber
Verse 1
Devil's on my back again,
sometimes he's my only friend.
The night was cold,
and so were you,
the kiss felt warm,
my lips turned blue

(Chorus) 2x
and you know why
you know why

Verse 2
And I'm curious, oh so curious,
what did it mean?
To see you in dreams?
Did you flee out of fear?
Or motives left unclear?
But I know you won't dare
to see if I still care

Devil's on my back again,
sometimes he's my only friend.
and you know why
you know why
The night was cold,
and so were you,
the kiss felt warm
and my lips turned blue
and you know why
you know why.

And you know why!
You know why!
Track Name: See
Verse 1
I joke with words and rhyme
I speak in tongues and signs
addicted to silver lines
ignoring true gilded light,
preoccupied with sin,
and changing every loss into a gain
yet still flew ashes on the wind
and dust seeping through my skin.

And something may happen for you to see
that I'm who I always meant to be
that night I looked into your eyes
touched your soul and you felt mine.
And someday maybe I will see
that there's something better than misery
and do away with this duality,
and cast my doubts into the sea.

Verse 2
And heavy lies the crown
when what's been lost cannot be found
when all that's good has gone away
and you can't find the way to say
that you can leave this all behind
and cease to damn every sunrise,
to erase that black spot
and hold on to what you've got.


And all that remained,
was a Statue in the rain
a shell,
that fell
from the sins of my name.
To all who I've loved,
and to all who I've lost
this song is the mark
of what can't be forgot.
Track Name: Just Fine
Verse 1
The lines blur slowly
but I see clearly
where I stand
with empty hands
and ties are binding
all my time to finding
the point at which I left
the path that I had set.
Am I a sight to see?
That might just lead,
to lights that shine
Or bright at least enough
to defy the beast in us
that makes life so dangerous
to live honestly and

And you can say
what you want to say
I'll take it my way anyway
and you can go
if you wanna go know
I'll be just fine
But if you go
then you should know
my heart walks with you out that door
but I wont' be sore too much
to fill that hole
and pick myself up off the floor.

Verse 2
And the sun is shining
my heart rate's climbing
and I can't come down
so I'll have to come around,
and the sound is pounding
my current's grounding
and I can't stop yet
so I'll take just what I get
and if the blind may lead
the blind, I'll surely try
to take a sacrifice
and if sight
is all the night will claim
then I will may live to
see the day


Track Name: Distance
Verse 1
Lift my head up to the sky
no fear in mind of going blind
cause our sun has set into the horizon
and our hearts got plucked out before they ripened

Cause we walk such different paths all alone,
but we always knew where we'd end up all along.

Verse 2
Though my will is broken
my eyes still shine
yet my descent into darkness is but a matter of time
and the distance between us just serves to remind me
that all I've really got is what's beside me
on the way down.


I still dream of your face,
but scars have all replaced my memories.
As the world turns,
and I slip away,
I think of what I should
and what I cannot say,
as I find my way home.